Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Note to self: dont make decision till your confirm what and who you want
So i wave farewell to you you and you and say hello to the new semester

Start new start fresh

Back to class. Its been one week and so far so good since i have only one class everyday. Living in my new hostel, No comment on that. Really hope that this semester will be good. But so far so okay. Not good but okay.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Let the pictures do the talking

2nd semester break

Well its already the end of 2nd semester. Means its been one years since i started my dentistry course in indonesia. And 4 years to go. *facepalm* but even one year pass like the wind four more years should be fast also right?
Many dramas happen in just one year. Some friend stay some left some just wasnt meant to be. But things happen for a reason right?
Trying my best to change myself to be a better person. A better friend. A etter girlfriend. A better daughter.
Im sorry to those i hurt in the pass. I know its hard to forgive someone who u called friend but life is too short to hate.
Just hope that a new semester is a new start

Friday, June 1, 2012

4days back home

So last 2 weeks when my Uni have holiday on Thursday and Friday. Daddy straight bought me plane ticket to return home. Went back on Wednesday night. Had some surprise for my love ones. NEW HAIR STYLE. Hahahhahaha. Mommy daddy and bf had a great shock. Especially bf since I went to his house mid night to surprise the shit out of him by knocking on his door. He though I was some ang mo. Hahahhaha. Went for dim sum with bf and his cousin next morning and catch up with their life. That afternoon went to summit to get daddy anniversary present with bf and had dinner with family too. Went for dark shadow with bf and his cousin Edmond and got to surprise his gf till she have nothing to so no more. Gave them their present from bandung. Went to smk Su to get some document to be certified by the principal.went for avengers with babe after that at pyramid. Rush home to go out dinner with family at Victoria station. On Saturday went to grandma place for dinner with parent and bf. Nicholas was in Malaysia too to get some medical check up. Had lakso and lo Mai kai. Both home cook food from granny. Went for supper with Edmond and her gf for first round. And went and meet up with Yann and Alvin for second round supper. Went shopping with parent and bf and had mcd!! Went home to pack my bags and went to the airport to say farewell again. Secretly cried in the car so badly that only bf knows. Well now the whole world knows. Yes I miss home even when I haven reach the airport. Yes there is a time where I actually told the bf and my dad that I don't wanna go back Indonesia and study. But oh well this was the path I walk half way and I shall not give up I think.